Company Formation (all inclusive)

Our comprehensive limited company formation package cost just £95.00 +VAT, which is one of the lowest fully inclusive prices available in London.

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FREE registered address

London based prestigious registered & directors service address free for one year (worth £75) to help you protect your privacy

Package includes

Companies House fee included

We’ll pay companies house fee on your behalf and it’s included in the package

Certificate of Incorporation

Document featuring your company name and date of incorporation

Share Certificate

Share certificate feature the details of how many shares a person owns and their value

Articles of Association

It sets out the rules that will govern the administration of your company, such as voting rights and procedure for transferring shares.

Memorandum of Association

This document sets out how the company must operate, and the duties it must undertake.

Bank reference letter

Accountants letter confirming the directors, shareholding, address of the company

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When you form limited company through AKKS

This is what you will need
to set up a company

Unique company name

Whether you decide to operate your business as a sole trader or limited company, you’ll have to come up with a name for your new venture. Although it may seem like a trivial decision, for many business just starting out it can take days, even weeks, to come up with a company name they’re happy with.

Registered office address

The official address of a company, which will appear on public record. We can provide this for you to maintain your privacy, if you don’t have one.

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code

Used to classify your company’s business activity. Don’t worry if you do not know it. We’ll select the most appropriate to your trade sector, alternatively you can search in here SIC codes

Director(s) details

Name, date of birth, nationality, home address, occupation and service address (service address will appear on public record)

Shareholder and share details

Name, date of birth, home address, service address (service address will appear on public record) and the number, type and value of shares to be issued.

Questions and answers for
our new customers

It takes about 15 minutes to complete and send our simple application form, On receipt We’ll double check all the information prior to submission with Companies House, who usually complete the process within 24 working hours.

The majority of companies formed in the UK are companies limited by shares – also known as private limited companies. They are used to conduct normal commercial business with the purpose of the owners (shareholders) making a profit, while providing limited liability protection should the company hit financial problems.

Alternatively, if you wish to start a non-profit organisation, perhaps for a sports club, or workers co-operative, you will require forming a company limited by guarantee. Another structure is the Limited Liability Partnership or LLP, used by professionals, who require limited liability, but are precluded from trading as a limited company by their professional governing body.

As soon as Companies House incorporate your company, we will send you an email with PDF copies of your company documents attached. The attached documents will include the certificate of incorporation, memorandum and articles of association and share certificate(s). Unfortunately, Companies House do not provide any updates on progress during the registration process.

Yes! If you form a company and decide not to start trading, closing (or striking off) the company is a simple and cheap process. AKKS provide a cost-effective company dissolution service.

If the company has traded, it is slightly more complicated, as you will require filing up-to-date accounts with Companies House and HMRC, and making sure all taxes are paid, prior to closing the company and off-course AKKS specialist can also help you preparing and submitting accounts and tax returns

Most of UK high street banks offer 12 -18 months free banking for new companies and you can apply with anyone of your choice, should you need our assistance we can recommend to our local contacts.

We offer three address services. The registered office address and service address are legal requirements for all limited companies and LLPs. Companies House require an official correspondence address for the company (the registered office address), and an official address for company directors, shareholders and company secretaries (the service address). Both addresses are placed on the public record, and so many clients prefer to use our address and protect the privacy of their home address. The third service is the business address (or trading address) which is not a legal requirement, but provides a prestigious business location in West Hampstead, London.

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