Personal tax return fixed fee accountants

UK’s most competitive and fair fixed fee comprehensive solution for individuals requiring to prepare and submit their self assessment tax return.




+VAT per month

Ideal for individuals, freelancers, self-employed, landlords, directors and high net worth individuals requiring to prepare and file self-assessment tax return




+VAT for whole year

About 85% of individual clients with personal self-assessment tax return needs would be covered in this price plan meaning they would just pay £299.40 +VAT for whole year and remaining few with complex tax affairs i.e. various source of earning/income, allowances, reliefs or requiring bookkeeping or cloud based software etc. We’ll review and discuss your circumstances to offer competitive fee schedule in advance.

Almost every transaction has a potential tax consequence!

Business or personal, domestic or international, tax remains a key consideration to be managed – and penalties for getting it wrong are high. Our qualified professionals make sure you’re not only compliant, but also help in design a strategy that makes sure you save tax.

Package includes:

Do you have multiple earnings? complex tax affairs, falling behind many deadlines, different requirements or simply wish to discuss a solution for your individual needs. No problem, we’ll be happy to discuss your challenges and offer a solution that delivers value. Simply call our personal accountant on 0208 945 5479 or