A simple accounting and bookkeeping solution for freelancers

We help freelancers ( App designers, architects, artists, consultants, contractors, creatives, designers, doctors, drivers, electricians, engineers, general builder, lawyers, models, musicians, plumbers, photographers, singers and writers ) with their accounts and bookkeeping, so we know exactly what it takes to stay on top of your finances. With a team of in-house accredited accountants, we can offer unlimited accountancy advice for freelancers.

Sign up with AKKS and we’ll have you quickly feeling back in control of your finances. Our accountants will ensure you pay your taxes correctly and on time, as well as offering proactive guidance tailored to your individual circumstances.

  • We offer step-by-step advice on setting up
  • Help with registration, administration and tax affairs
  • Bookkeeping
  • Submit reports on time to HMRC
  • Tax records completed and always filed within tax deadlines

We pair our certified team with our tested and approved accounting software which highlights profits, deadlines and tax forecasts.

Free up more time for work and look after your money by joining us today!